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The desert in Egypt is not only sand

The desert in Egypt is not only sand

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Is Egypt worth to be on the top list of the traveler wish list?

Planning for a tour is something that can make us very excited, especially when you are going to visit a country like Egypt.

A country which has a great history but nowadays not shiny like before.


The first thing coming to your mind if you have not been to Egypt before is that worth?

Let me here explain with pleasure how your tour could be unforgettable, with the plenty varieties and the different activities which suit most of the travellers’ wishes.

Firstly are you interested in the monumental and historical places? Egypt is the perfect travel destination for this type of tourism as is has a well-rooted history which dated back to 3700 BC and has the largest number of temples, pyramids, statues and mummies all over the world.


It’s not peculiar thing to Know that Egypt has too many monuments but is that all?

Do you like camping? if yes then that’s for you because in Egypt it’s possible to have a unique experience by camping inside the desert, enjoying the uncountable number of the stars.

The desert in Egypt is not only sand.

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