The solar ship (Khufu ship)

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The solar ship (Khufu ship)

In 1954 at the foot of the the great pyramid of Giza the Egyptian Egyptologist (kamal Elmalakh) has found two pits, and 1224 parts,

of an intact ancient ship,  after the restoration the ship now  measure 43.6 m long and 5.9 m Wide.

the world’s oldest intact ship, it was built of lebanon Cedar 2500 BC, it is preserved now at the Giza Solar boat museum beside the Great Pyramid at Giza, Curiously, the solar boats belonging to Khufu were found inside two pits when archaeologists were performing a usual cleaning task in the southern part of the Great Pyramid.

While the history and exact function of the ships remains a mystery, experts believe they may have been used as a ‘solar barge,’ a kind of ritual vessel that carried the resurrected rulers with the sun god Ra across the Heavens.

Experts state that the boats were buried inside massive holes located close to the royal burial chambers.

Scholars concluded that these are solid indications that the vessels were used as transportation during a pharaoh’s travel to the funeral, and were meant to help in the travel during the afterlife.

Experts have found seven boat pits to date. Five of them are located in the vicinity of the Great Pyramid of Giza, while two more were unearthed at the Pyramid of Hetepheres and the Pyramid of Ka.



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