Temple of the secrets (Serapeum)

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Temple of the secrets (Serapeum)

Serapeum of Saqqara,  temple of the secrets.

It has 26 large sarcophagus made of granite, every coffin roughly weight 70 tons, and the cover 30 tons.


how many people are necessary to lift or even move a large sarcophagus like those?????

why theses large stone coffins have been built??

,why all were empty ????

and why have not found any mummy or skeleton for the Apis(the sacred calf) as Mariette said that this place is the tomb of the holy calves???

The corridors of Serapeum is one of the biggest mysteries in the summer very cool and in the winter hot.

The length of the corridors is about 400 meters at the core of Saqqara stone hill, the main corridor has been built with very exact angles like roughly no mistake, it could not be handwork????

The entrance and the exit are the same portal.

Did they use the torches at that depth with tons of dust ??

and where are the places which did they use to put the torches on?

The coffin stones made of very solid stones like red granite, black granite, basalt, schist and quartz, can you imagine that they carved these very solid stones with primitive tools, which technology did they have and use to design a very exact 90 degrees angle????

And how did they move those large stone coffins????

Many and many questions and still no answers, what we can only is respecting the ancient Egyptians and their undiscovered technology.





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