Tuthmosis IV and the Sphinx

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Tuthmosis IV and the Sphinx

A great Pharaoh with a great dream circa 1400 BC.

The son of Amenhotep 2nd and grandchild of The great warrior Thutmosis 3rd.

But the young prince was not the crown prince of the Egyptian throne,

He never lost his dream ,and one day  while the young prince was out on a hunting trip, he stopped to rest under the shadow of  Sphinx, when he had a dream. In Thutmosis’s time, the Sphinx was already ancient (2400 BC) and had been buried to the neck in sand. In his dream, the Sphinx told Thutmosis if he would dig the Sphinx out, the Sphinx would make him Pharaoh.

When Thutmosis woke he excavated the Sphinx and soon was king. In honor to the Sphinx (and himself), Thutmosis erected what so-called the dream stele which now exposed between the paws of the Sphinx.






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