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land and people

land and people

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Egypt is an Arabic country which has a well-rooted history, different traditions and many ways of living.

The main language is Arabic with too many accents which distinguish the people of the north and the south and even some cities have their own accent.

Traditions of the people are also not the same, so it’s not so easy to say that the Egyptians are acting the same regarding Particular situation.

Lets starting from south to north like the Nile which flows from south to north.

In upper Egypt (south of Egypt) the people are preserving more traditions and respecting more the family rules, surely modern life changed a lot but still, they have the basics of their traditions.

The people of upper Egypt who are not dealing with tourism are very friendly, so it’s our mission to get in contact with those people to get real experience from the real upper Egyptian life, by eating, drinking, living and wearing like them, that doesn’t mean that those who are dealing with the tours are aggressive but its simply a business and we would like to show you the real life.

The people of lower Egypt (North of Egypt), are more open than those from upper and still, we have the same mission of showing the real life of them.

The Egyptians are almost one hundred million people (Muslims and Christians), are living together in the same areas and buildings.

The clothes are not the same for men and women.

starting with women, The headscarf is certainly a major element but with different shapes, whether modern, long, short, bright, black or what else, but it’s not a surprise to know that not all the Egyptian women are wearing the headscarf.

They are wearing jeans, dresses, costumes, long or short garments, modern and old fashions.

Men are almost the same, some are wearing jeans, T-shirts, shirts etc and the others are wearing men long costume which called (Gallabia).

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